Are there any expat support groups in Cebu?

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Cebu, Philippines is a popular destination for expats due to its beautiful beaches, affordable cost of living, and friendly locals. As a result, there are several expat support groups in the area that provide assistance and guidance to those who are new to the city.

One such group is the Cebu Expats Services and Support Group (CESSG), which has been around since 2008. The group is made up of expats from all over the world who have come together to share their experiences and provide support to one another. They organize events such as social gatherings, charity drives, and educational seminars to help members get acclimated to their new surroundings.

Another popular group is the Cebu International Women's Club (CIWC), which is open to both men and women. The club's main focus is on social and cultural activities, but they also provide assistance to new arrivals in the form of information and referrals for local services.

For those who are interested in business networking, the Cebu Business Club (CBC) is a great option. The group is made up of business professionals from a variety of industries and provides opportunities for members to connect with one another and learn about local business practices.

In addition to these groups, there are also several online forums and social media groups where expats can connect with one another and share information. Facebook groups such as Expats in Cebu and Cebu Expats are popular options for those looking to connect with others in the community.

Overall, there are plenty of resources available for expats in Cebu. Whether you're looking for social activities, business networking opportunities, or just some friendly advice, there is likely a group or forum that can provide the support you need. And if you ever need help finding local service providers for anything from home repairs to language lessons, don't hesitate to contact Yehro Cebu City – we're here to help!

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